Seek the truth on Trump/Russia with independent probe

He's tall, fat and can be very charming one moment, stone cold the next.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) tweeted that she has been on the Senate Armed Services Committee for 10 years and has had "no call or meeting with the Russian Ambassador".

Spokesperson for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, reignited the furore on Monday when he said "hysteria" over supposed Russian involvement in the election was hurting relations between the countries.

The idea that the president's choice to be USA attorney general, the nation's top law enforcement official, would lie under oath to the Senate committee considering his nomination - people who were his colleagues as senators for 20 years - is stunning and possibly a sign of just how far down the standard of ethics in Washington has descended. "Mr. Trump warmly greeted Mr. Kislyak and three other foreign ambassadors who came to the reception", the article from the Wall Street Journal read.

Mr Flynn lied about the meetings to Vice President Mike Pence and the Federal Bureau of Investigation - and was forced to resign.

After Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and others were taken to the woodshed by Trump on Friday, Priebus reportedly spent an hour calling reporters and trying vainly to convince them - on a not-for-attribution basis, of course - that no woodshedding had taken place.

It is clear that Sessions - who recused himself from any campaign investigation only under extreme pressure - won't dare cross his boss.

Mr Kushner, as per his style, has said nothing. What does is the fact that he felt the need to lie about those meetings to the Senate. There was nothing illegal about it. Some 32 percent of Americans prefer that, a small minority.

"I don't think we can know that yet", he said. Trump's connections with Russian Federation wasn't making headline news at the time, but these reports are being widely revisited now.

As The New Yorker described it on Sunday, what we have here is a cover-up in search of a crime.

Trump must be unfamiliar with the adage about being careful what you ask for.

The accepted facts: 66 years old, father of an adult daughter; personally cordial; professionally tough in defending Russia's interests and behaviour; a graduate of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute and, later, the USSR Academy of Foreign Trade; an expert in arms-control negotiations; the first Russian representative to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation; ambassador to Belgium from 1998 to 2003; his early diplomatic career included a stint at the Washington embassy from 1985 to 1989, a time when all USSR officials were considered spies by default.

As the struggle in the USA between team Trump and its numerous critics intensifies, Russian Federation has been upgraded in the media eye from a vaguely hostile nation to a diabolical power that corrupts any United States official by mere contact.

Sessions is under fire for, depending on your perspective, either lying about or forgetting he had met with a Russian ambassador during his confirmation hearing.

Politico has since named Mr Kislyak as Washington's "most unsafe diplomat".

President Trump responded over the weekend by saying Obama had illegally tapped his phones. And magically, people have stopped talking about Sergey Kislyak.

  • Archie Newman