Spotify Hi-Fi in limited testing for a premium price

Spotify has launched tests on Tuesday about a new offer called Spotify Hi-Fi and to deliver music streams in particularly high quality.

The Spotify Hi-Fi service hasn't been officially launched, though it appears that the necessary behind-the-scenes adjustments are being made. A small group of users have seen offers advertising Spotify Hi-Fi for $5, $7.50, or $10 above the $9.99 cost of Spotify Premium. While each rely heavily on their user experience, customized playlists and their exclusive releases with artists, TIDAL in particular provides its users a unique feature unmatched by both Apple and Spotify - lossless-quality music.

This is Spotify's first user number announcement since the service hit 40 million last September, which means it took the streaming service just five-and-a-half months to gain 10 million subscribers - half a month quicker from when the service went from 30 million to 40 million subscribers. This means that Spotify gained 20 million subscribers in a single year, and has is more than twice the audience size of Apple Music.

The notification also suggests that Spotify Hi-Fi members will get discounts on limited edition vinyl records as well as one free record.

Spotify now has 40 million paying subscribers and if they can convert even just a portion of that to Hi-Fi subscribers, then this may be a step towards profitability.

The latest move in the battle for streaming service dominance.

Spotify now offers 320kbps audio files, which offers decent sound in a file size that's small and loads quickly, which is ideal for users on the go.

In a statement, the firm wrote: "We are always testing new products and offers but have no news to share at this time".

Spotify Premium now offers lossy files up to 320 kpbs which, for many, is quite enough.

  • Fernando Stephens