The Walking Dead season 7, episode 14 recap: Meh

There is just one more episode to go before The Walking Dead winds up Season 7, and this has sparked rumours that Rick's gang might lose yet another member as the war with Negan has already begun. Maggie and Daryl were forced to hide to stay alive. It's her choice. If it's going to be one of them, she certainly is not going to choose Rosita. This little old lady came out and saw Norman and she went, 'Oh - my Norman!' And she went [to Morgan]: 'That fucker! And even teased a resolution, only aggravating viewers more. I loved catching a glimpse into her history where we find out what she's been doing to survive. Pulling a fast one on Rosita, it was Sasha who ended up going in guns a-blazin', leaving us wondering if she'll survive this suicide mission.

Oh there will be "shenanigans" alright with what Jesus, Maggie, Daryl, Sasha and Rosita have planned.

While some of the things Negan's group have done could be forgiven, like defending themselves against a group who has been killing off their men savagely and brutally, others are a bit more questionable. And even though the scene was short-lived, it always felt like a bigger scene working with the two of them. And it's heartbreaking. Later in the episode Maggie and Daryl are hiding in a root cellar from The Saviors who have come back to The Hilltop to take Dr. Carson. Very stupid. People are going to die from their hotheadedness. He's a wily political animal and smart. (Yes, it's possible he's thinking only of himself, but he could just as well be thinking of Maggie's baby.) Of course he comes off as a rat bastard once again when he threatens to turn Jesus over to the Saviors, as he sips his tequila, apparently trying to adopt Simon's attitude. Considering what he's been through, it isn't the craziest thing. Rick also says to Michonne that we all have to build a better future for Judith and Maggie and Glenn's baby.

IGN: Most people have been questioning Eugene's intentions at the Sanctuary since the episode that showed him settling in.

Yup, Jesus (Tom Payne) is gay.

Hopefully Jesus won't join some of the rest of them on the show's long list of casualties. It shouldn't be so obvious.

They make their way to Sanctuary, on the way developing a bond. Yes, it's in the comics that they're starting to drift together - which is understandable if you look at the characters.

"In my opinion there should be more awesome gay people in fiction because there are plenty of awesome gay people in real life", Robert Kirkman, who created The Walking Dead comics and is an EP on the show, said a year ago. "It's been truly phenomenal to dig deeper and deeper into the story as I've been on the show".

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