Trump, Merkel meeting postponed due to weather

Snowstorms bearing down the U.S. east coast have forced German Chancellor Angela Merkel to postpone her visit to Washington DC.

Forecasts for a blizzard that could sock the Northeast and shut down Washington prompted the White House to delay German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit scheduled for Tuesday.

Trump is expected to announce a restart of a review of vehicle fuel efficiency rules sought by the auto industry at an event on Wednesday with the chief executives of USA automakers, sources say.

"Merkel and Trump really are the polar opposite of each other on so many levels".

Foreign Affairs: Germany Can Protect the Liberal Order - "Some commentators have already declared Merkel the new 'leader of the free world, ' in light of Trump's apparent unwillingness to fill a role traditionally occupied by the president of the United States". Apart from hearing Merkel's "insights into what it's like to deal with Russians", the official said Trump would also ask for advice on how USA could help resolve the Ukraine conflict. He once said what she did in Germany with refugees was "insane".

Merkel has questioned Trump's skepticism of global trade deals and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military alliance. While Trump has spoken of a warm relationship with the Russian leader, Merkel has had a historically testy one.

Merkel's trip to Washington, D.C., has been delayed from Tuesday to Friday, Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said in his daily news briefing Monday. Whether the situations in Ukraine and Syria are addressed or ignored after the meeting will be an important indicator of the administration's approach to both conflicts.

  • Joe Gonzales