ABC Australia Natasha Exelby's blooper isn't her first on-air disaster

ABC24 host Exelby went viral on Monday after she was caught unaware by a cut back to the desk and got snapped messing around with a pen.

April 11: After getting caught "daydreaming" during a live news shift, journalist Natasha Exelby has been taken off air post the video of her priceless reaction went viral.

In their supportive messages, many prominent journalists revealed the same thing had happened to them a few times.

However unlike the good natured response to Aengus's live mishap, it was reported that her bosses at ABC News made a decision to remove her from the on-air roster following the unfortunate gaffe.

But do I think Exelby should lose her presenting job over this? No. But it was Exelby's reaction, after she realised she was back on-air, that has left people across the world laughing!

The punishment has sparked a petition calling for Ms Exelby's reinstatement. Or you would if you added the embarrassment of live television to the already complicated mix. Her eyes drift upward toward the camera before widening in sudden cognition that she's on air as she gasps: "now to sport".

Among the bloopers to be shared was one radio reporter who said he accidentally revealed on a family morning breakfast show that Santa isn't real. Caught off-guard as the camera turned to her after a prerecorded package ended, Natasha's reaction is a GIF waiting to happen. Several years ago, she giggled repeatedly while reading serious news items about deaths and disasters for Channel Ten.

But that did not stop her from doing her work, like a true professional she manages to throw to the sports section.

Holly Byrnes, News Corp Australia's national TV editor was the first one to make the call to the reporting community to support Exelby.

She apologized soon after the segment.

'I just wanted to apologise, ' Exelby said later in the bulletin.

  • Marlene Weaver