Agent on vice president's detail, sources say

A Secret Service agent who covered Vice President Mike Pence's security has been put on leave after being accused of engaging with a prostitute at a hotel in Maryland. The representative spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss details of the incident beyond a public statement.

"The Secret Service takes allegations of of criminal activity very seriously", the agency said in a statement to ABC.

The police responded to a call from the hotel manager who became suspicious of activity in one of the rooms. They were subsequently ordered to hand over all agent equipment, deprived of their security clearance and placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation, according to the network.

The report said that multiple sources told the news agency that the agent was arrested after being seen exiting a prostitute's room. A bigger black eye came in 2012, when nine agents were either fired or left the agency in the wake of a prostitution scandal in Cartegena, Colombia. The incident also prompted the agency to tighten its rules for employees traveling to foreign countries.

Earlier that year, three agents were sent home from a presidential trip to the Netherlands.

The wild and highly publicized romp by agents tasked with advanced planning for President Obama's trip saw numerous Secret Service personnel recalled to Washington, D.C. The agency has struggled to fully fix their reputation since. Officials removed one of the supervisors from his position and moved the other off the detail to a separate part of the division, The Post reported.

Secret Service officers at the White House on March 18.

  • Archie Newman