Apple pledges to make all iPhones from recycled materials

"We're moving towards a closed-loop supply chain".

Apple is testing a more advanced camera sensors for the iPhone 8.

Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone lines in September.

In addition, the source also reveals that Apple is now testing a new type of screen that will give the new iPhone model a look that covers most of the front portion of the device. Meanwhile, the release date of the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 will then be moved back several weeks.

In its Environmental Responsibility Report, Apple said - "Materials are mined, manufactured as products, and often end up in landfills after use". For aluminum in particular (probably Apple's single most-used material across all its product lines), the company says it's important that Apple's own high-quality aluminum not be mixed in with lower-quality scrap aluminum during the recycling process, as is now common practice at recycling facilities. Expectantly, the Cupertino-based giant didn't disclose the amount of recycle products being put in the process, as of now.

Ahead of tomorrow's Earth Day 2017, Apple is trying to provide its fans with lots of green reasons to love the company.

Apple has gone to significant lengths to ensure that customers return used in products for recycling, while the company also melts down iPhone aluminum enclosures in order to manufacture minicomputers utilized in his factories.

"And we're making strides toward our commitment to bring 4 gigawatts of renewable power online by 2020, a key step in reducing our manufacturing footprint", the company's report said.

Apple doesn't necessarily need to recover as much tin, compared to aluminium, due to an existing market of recycled content.

More than that, Apple is allegedly going to use OLED displays on all iPhones by 2019, and in turn, the anticipated iPhone 9 will likely sport the screen technology.

Apple also shed light on its initiatives to reduce reliance on mining, with the previously revealed Liam robot being one of these solutions. It is something which we have trouble with on the Samsung phones thus if Apple is able to find the right formula for it, we don't see why the iPhone 8 can't score it with the curved display.

  • Fernando Stephens