Bills 'very serious' about drafting QB at No. 10?

What are the chances the Bears trade up to pick Myles Garrett? If they believe Trubisky or any of the other quarterbacks could be that answer, it would be tough to fault them for doing what they have to do to bring that man to Buffalo. First, they sent the No. 41 pick to the Bills-who took linebacker Reggie Ragland in that spot-in exchange for picks in the second round (No. 49) and fourth round (No. 117) and a fourth-round pick this year (No. 117).

Inquisitr reported that if the Browns decide to pick Trubisky, then "a run on quarterbacks could begin" in the first round.

Given that Floyd looks be on his way to evolving into a franchise pass rusher for Chicago, I'd say that initiative paid off. San Francisco is said to be "open to the idea of moving down from no. 2" to get additional draft picks. This means that all teams in need of a signal-caller may try to pull off a deal with the Niners for the no. 2 pick.

Who are the mystery teams that have a dialogue with the Bears that want to move up, too? If the Panthers are in love with Leonard Fournette or Solomon Thomas, Chicago would be a logical trade partner. Spitballing only: But Cleveland from 12 to two makes a lot of sense. They can also always let a team choose from their "treasure trove" of selections so they, in turn, can solidify themselves in the top three.

The smoke surrounding the Buffalo Bills and the quarterbacks in the 2017 NFL Draft continues to swirl. This trait showed up on both dink-and-dunk tosses and downfield throws, as Trubisky ranked seventh in short pass off-target percentage (3.3 on aerials thrown 10 or fewer yards downfield) and sixth in vertical off-target percentage (15.3 on targets traveling 11 or more yards downfield).

I don't know how busy Pace's phone is nowadays, but he's definitely got two or three other general managers on speed dial for all contingencies at this rate. "Jamal matter what - except in the event of more draft picks".

  • Rosalie Stanley