Businesses to offer discount on Equal Pay Day

Hispanic women made 54 cents for every dollar a white, non-Hispanic man earned, which means they will lose more than a million dollars over a 40-year career based on today's wage gap, according to the NWLC.

In this year's legislative session, state lawmakers initiated a study of the wage disparity between men and women. Nationally, on average a woman earns $.79 to every $1.00 a man makes.

Mothers with full-time, year-round jobs are paid 70 cents for every dollar paid to fathers.

Equal Pay Day is also always on a Tuesday, because that's how long, on average, women have to work into the next week to make as much as their male counterparts.

The median annual earnings for women staffers, $52,750, was more than $20,000 less than the median annual earnings for men, $73,750, according to the analysis of publicly available Senate data. It hurts our families, our businesses, and our communities.

See more celebrity reactions to Equal Pay Day below! In addition, there are more specific steps Congress could take, such as passing the Paycheck Fairness Act to update and strengthen the Equal Pay Act.

The smallest wage gaps were reported in New York, Delaware, and Florida.

"We're proud to shine a light on Missouri's gender wage gap because there shouldn't be any question about it - women deserve equal pay for equal work", stated Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber.

The wage gap between men and women is an affront to the values of fairness and equality. The campaign was launched by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, who said, "Equal pay is essential to the goal of gender equality".

This breakdown looks even worse than the data from 2014, but Wyoming Women's Foundation Program Associate Rebekah Smith said she has a few anecdotal examples of women moving toward wage parity. Louisiana ladies are paid just 68 cents on the dollar for what men are paid.

Rochester NOW, also co-hosted an Equal Pay Day Panel Discussion at the U of R on Tuesday, sponsored by the U of R's Susan B. Anthony Center, and other organizations.

However and now that Trump has overturned the Fair Pay Order, companies can force sexual harassment into private or secret proceedings, keeping the public, and even other employees, in the dark about harassment and discrimination claims at the company.

"The game is rigged against women and families, and it has to stop", Warren continued.

  • Marlene Weaver