Castlegar mayor anxious by United States softwood lumber announcement

There are concerns that President Trump's new tariff on Canadian lumber imports could jack up the prices of newly built homes.

Earlier, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr said Canada was preparing aid for forestry companies and rural communities that will be impacted by the USA duties, while holding out hope for a negotiated settlement.

Davies said Interfor has expanded into the USA primarily because logs can be had cheaper in some areas there than in B.C., which shows the inaccuracy of US claims that Canadian logs are subsidizing mills.

"They are a primitive society", I imagine Space Anthropologist Ph.D. saying to his attentive and, I like to think, tentacled students. Trade between Wisconsin and Canada amounts to around $11 billion in imports and exports each year.

Ross has said that lumber and dairy have erupted as irritants because they are not properly addressed in the North American Free Trade Agreement, which Trump has threatened to scrap if it can't be renegotiated.

Three outcomes are possible: a negotiated agreement, a retreat by the US government or a court battle that stretches over years. Really? If we go to war with Canada, where will Kevin Smith make his awful movies? -Canada softwood lumber dispute and threatening and then unthreatening to blow up NAFTA because he just wants to have done something in his first hundred days in office.

Some American dairy farmers have been devastated.

Clark vowed to fight the preliminary ruling and convince USA officials that B.C. lumber is a key component of the US housing industry.

U.S. Department of Commerce officials on Monday accused Canada of collecting extra subsidies on lumber exports to the U.S. and ordered U.S. Customs and Border Protection to collect cash duties ranging from 3%-24%, a decision expected to spoil trade relations. Canadian dairy farmers complained about the cheap imports coming across the border.

Tim Prosser, a dairy farmer in Columbus, Wisconsin, was dropped by a buyer after Canada made the change.

"However, there could be action taken by any of the affected provincial governments - the equivalent of your state governments", said Cruickshank.

Trump relishes a trade war because he appears to suffer from economic illiteracy.

"We have made progress in our conversations but we are not there yet", she told reporters.

"Canadians are pretty thick-skinned", she says.

The Trump administration's decision this past week to slap a duty on Canadian softwood lumber could dampen the pace of us homebuilding even as country faces a shortage of homes.

He added: "Any two countries are going to have issues that will be irritants to the relationship".

I yelled in the general direction of the Moon, "Perhaps, there's some Space Anthropologist Ph.D. up there explaining that we engage in this act of ceremonial societal flagellation to ensure that the sun keeps rising, or to appease the angry ghosts of dead economists".

"The big losers in the softwood lumber dispute are American consumers", Freeland argued.

"Talking tough will rile the average Canadian and make it harder for Trudeau to make concessions".

  • Joey Payne