Fox News' Bill Shine Comes Under Pressure Following Sean Hannity Tweets, Reports

(This is the one about racial discrimination, not sexual harassment, for those playing along at home.) NY magazine reported sources claiming that Shine asked the younger Murdochs to issue a statement of support for him, and was flatly turned down.

After tweeting again to correct the spelling of Sherman's first name in his initial post, Hannity suggested that a high-level employee inside Fox News is "trying to get an innocent person fired".

Amid shakeups at the network, pundit Sean Hannity warned of the "total end" of Fox News in a tweet Thursday. Shine was promoted to co-president and head of news and programming in August, a position he stands accused of using to demote women who refused Ailes's sexual advances.

Sherman, who has been out in front of all scandal-related Fox News drama for years, reported that Shine has privately complained that the senior Murdoch "isn't fighting for him" in the press.

The polarizing host fired off a series of tweets on Thursday afternoon amid rumors Bill Shine was potentially losing support from the Murdochs - particularly James and Lachlan.

You can't be a conservative loyal to friends and colleagues and remain employed by Fox News, Sean.

The tweet came in response to a Daily Intelligencerstory in NY magazine that suggested Bill Shine - the co-president of Fox News - may be losing support among the network brass and could be on his way out.

"Gabe i pray this is NOT true because if it is, that's the total end of the FNC as we know it", declared Hannity on Twitter. "Best Sean", Hannity's tweet read.

A Fox News spokesperson told NY magazine that the conversations did not took place and that Shine did not asked the younger Murdochs for a statement of support. "I think the rank and file believe he will be replaced, but who knows?" this person said. The lawsuit came on the heels of last week's ouster of longtime host Bill "O'Reilly in the face of mounting sexual harassment charges". Ditto for Bill O'Reilly and, if Gabe Sherman is right, Bill Shine is next.

Fox News on Friday declined to comment on speculation about Shine.

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