IPhone 8 pre-orders may begin in September

It's a critical issue because Apple seems to be intent on establish a full-size display for its flagship new device, with a curved OLED display almost eliminating the iPhone 8's bezel. It is based on South Korea's Electronic Times report that revealed that the search giant wishes to invest $880 million at least in LG Display Co, thus securing a stable OLED screens supply for its next Smartphone.

Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri wrote in a report seen by Apple Insider that Apple is dealing with yield issues for the iPhone 8's Touch ID sensor.

An excerpt from White's research note with investment banking firm Drexel Hamilton, obtained by Macrumours, claims "Our contact strongly believes the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 will be delayed by several weeks due to challenges around the 3D sensing technology, but still in time for the December holidays". Currently, the most expensive model of the iPhone 7 configured with 256GB of internal storage costs £919.

While DigiTimes report raises some question, an earlier report from Bloomberg had also hinted that Apple's suppliers will struggle to meet the demand for OLED panels.

Apple is looking to have the edge over Samsung with their 10th Anniversary of the iPhone.

Initially, iPhone 8 is expected to hit the market in September. This would make iPhone 8 look very similar to the iPhone 4s. Different models being passed around the company that incorporates some iPhone 8 variant with an LCD, while others utilize an AMOLED board, others incorporate a Home Button, while some have discarded the button completely.

Soon after the release of the Apple iPhone 6s, some users started reporting about a battery issue and Apple later came out to confirm that there is an issue with some of the units and that they will be working to compensate their users for the faulty smartphone.

iPhone 8 is also expected to arrive with two pieces of main logic board, instead of the traditional one, new speaker design, laser sensor for gesture recognition and facial recognition.

  • Fernando Stephens