Major League Baseball holiday uniforms: Pirates unveil five (yes, five) new combinations

The newly designed uniforms will be worn in honor of Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day and Independence Day.

This Mother's Day cap will be paired with jerseys that have a touch of pink as well.

The introduction of a "heathered" pattern to most of the new caps introduced today.

Memorial Day caps will feature five stars for the five branches of military and have the stars stitched on the right sleeves of the jerseys.

The All-Star Game jerseys will again be the team's own jersey, but the caps have logos and lettering recolored to be gold. Additionally, the uniforms will now be worn over entire weekends, rather than just for a single day.

Teams will be wearing these uniforms for all three days of the Memorial Day weekend, which means some clubs will be going from home to the road on Monday (or vice-versa).

For Father's Day, there will be light blue incorporated in the team's logos with the caps having a blue shadow tech heather crown and graphite visor. The uniforms will be worn on both June 17 and 18.

My personal favorite jersey is the home Independence Day uniform. Proceeds from the Father's Day uniforms will go to Prostate Cancer Foundation. The road jersey has the same lettering style, but with a gray base. Instead of being embroidered, the P will be made of "LiquidChrome", so the P will be more silver than white.

Finally, teams will wear Independence Day uniforms from July 1 through July 4. The bottom of the bill has a floral print. All-Star weekend uniforms, which will be used for the T-Mobile Home Run Derby and workout days, are blue for the American League and orange for the National League.

Which jersey is your favorite?

"You need to get them in the hands of the teams - to be safe - a month before the event", Strom said.

  • Rosalie Stanley