McG no longer in charge of Masters of the Universe reboot

However, a new screenwriter has been brought on board in hopes of attracting new talent. David Goyer is writing the film, however, so it probably doesn't matter who ultimately directs.

McG previously spoke about his adaptation of the fan-favorite cartoon/toy series, even going so far as to say he was "laser-focused on that being (his) next film".

The film has been in the pipeline (or Development Hell) for several years now, but finally started gaining traction last year with McG's hiring as director, although EW is reporting that the Charlie's Angels helmer has now left the project, and Sony is currently meeting with potential replacements. The release date is now December 14th, 2018.

Following reports that the McG-directed film had secured a December 18, 2019 release date, Entertainment Weekly has learned that McG will not be heading to Castle Grayskull after all. Since Star Wars moved away from the holiday window and Avatar 2 won't arrive until 2020, Sony thinks they have a good blockbuster to throw in that slot.

McG is only the latest filmmaker to be connected with Masters of the Universe and, eventually, leave the project.

According to the Hollywood trade, Sony is now meeting with various unnamed directors and actors for the film. Ah 1987... you know it really wasn't that bad.

I'm sure some of you have been putting the old Master of the Universe just to get a He-Man fix. Reportedly there are many actors, including A-list names, looking to land parts in the movie.

  • Marlene Weaver