Microsoft Corporation Ends Support for Windows Vista

It later emerged that Microsoft may have known that Aero was a resource hog, as it found itself in a fight with Intel over a plan to label some low-specced PCs "Vista capable" even though they may have struggled to run the OS.

Windows Vista and Windows XP had mainstream support cut years back, with XP's mainstream support ending in 2009, and Vista's ending in 2012. In a report on Monday, Microsoft announced that it would no longer support the OS and that users will have to move to a more recent version of Windows.

To find out if you're still using Windows Vista, open your "Start" menu, and type "winver" into the search box.

Windows Vista released in April 2004 and had several issues throughout its life, such as heavily hogging resources and making user control hard.

The company has had to support the OS for a very long time.

If you still have Windows Vista on your PC, you will stop receiving Microsoft Security Essentials and if you already have them installed, you'll continue to receive antimalware signature updates for a limited time.

With Windows 10, what you get is a platform that can make the best of cloud computing, besides offering better usability in a connected environment.

There are a few characteristics of Windows Vista that made this OS so unpopular among users and critics. That is how you know what version of Windows is powering your current machine.

Perhaps no other iteration of Windows has created such a bad reputation for itself than Windows Vista.

Critics were particularly unhappy with the high system requirements of the new OS, along with the inclusion of new DRM technologies to restrict copying of protected material. The operating system never gained huge market share to begin with; many Redmond users opted to stick with the reliable and pleasing XP for years. Or if you prefer something you can hold, Microsoft offers a USB Flash Drive installer with free shipping (delivery time of 3-7 days). After 10 years since it was released, Windows Vista is finally being quit. Those who had heard negative things about Vista were given the operating system under a different name, and it turned out they loved it. For more security, users need to use a more recent version of Windows.

  • Joe Gonzales