Mountain lion suspected of snatching dog from family's bedroom

Fought said she did not see the lion's head, but could tell by its size and the way it walked exactly why Lenore went silent.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says more than half of the state is mountain lion habitat.

She added she saw "wet, very clear, large paw prints" along the path to their home and spotted a few drops of blood by their door.

The woman, who was in a bit of a haze after being startled awake, said she looked toward the doors and saw what she believed was the shadow of a mountain lion enter the room, snatch the barking dog, then walk out, said sheriff's Detective Sal Zuno.

The newspaper reports it's still too early to confirm whether the animal was indeed a mountain lion.

The family live in the hills near Pescadero where mountain lion sightings are common.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife were notified about the incident, but a wildlife warden said there was no evidence of the lion outside what Fought had already discovered, according to NBC. From mountains to forests, from deserts to wetlands, mountain lions can call it home.

In the meantime, officials are urging residents - particularly those who live or visit rural areas - to take precautions.

But Ms Fought and her daughter are astonished that a mountain lion could have been so bold.

Though it's unusual, mountain lions do attack people. "We had one open a few inches or so, I don't know, maybe six or eight inches wide", Fought told ABC11's sister-station ABC7 News.

Those residing in mountain lion territory are also warned to avoid attracting deer, mountain lion's main prey, keep brush trimmed to reduce places where they can hide; and consider installing motion detector lights around the house.

When a California family left their door opened a crack to air out their bedroom, they said they never would have expected a mountain lion to take advantage of the easy access to their home.

"They are very shaken up about what happened", Det.

  • Marlene Weaver