National Football League owners ok Raiders move to Las Vegas

After the team's move to Las Vegas was officially approved on Monday, Raiders owner Mark Davis said that he'd like to keep the Raiders in Oakland while the team's new stadium in Vegas is being built. Only one owner, Stephen Ross of the Miami Dolphins, voted no.

The Colts, led by quarterback Johnny Unitas, won their first Super Bowl in 1970 with a win over the Dallas Cowboys.

"If I was the fans I wouldn't attend a game the next two years".

Mark Gergen, a UC Berkeley law professor, reviewed the lease and said it appears there is little the Coliseum authority can do to force the Raiders out early.

The Raiders are the third team in the past two years to be granted approval to relocate, after the Rams (from St. Louis) and Chargers (from San Diego) were allowed to relocate to Los Angeles.

With the Raiders planning to move to Las Vegas, only the Athletics and Warriors remain true to the city of Oakland. "I don't know how we should feel". And if you look at some of the points he made, they're extremely valid.

National Football League policy restricts teams from breaking a lease to relocate, but the rule would not apply to the Raiders because subsequent lease years are optional. "I wouldn't attend a game, I won't attend a game and I'm not a diehard Raiders fan but I do support the city of Oakland". He said he is not sure the team will work in sin city because there's not a sense of community like there is in Oakland. "The stadium is still over here but eventually it's going to be in Vegas".

The NFL tweeted a photo with the caption, the Las Vegas Raiders.

"I think at the end of the day, people are more interested in going to a sportsbook and being able to get free beers and free food, versus paying a PSL and the high ticket prices", he said. "There will be disappointed fans and it's important for me to talk to them to explain why and how".

Ian Rapoport said Monday on NFL Network that the 49ers would definitely be open to sharing the stadium with the Raiders for the 2019 season, and possibly even 2018.

  • Rosalie Stanley