Obama To Meet With Merkel In Germany In Late May

The head of the World Bank says he is optimistic that President Donald Trump will continue to provide US support for worldwide organizations such as his.

Former US President Barack Obama will visit Germany in May to address the Protestant Church Assembly, or Kirchentag, the organizers confirmed on Tuesday.

The May 25 Protestant conference will take place in front of Berlin's landmark Brandenburg Gate, where Obama delivered a speech as president in 2013, Germany's Lutheran church and organizers of the German Protestant Kirchentag conference said.

Bedford-Strohm invited Obama last May to visit Germany for the anniversary.

Angela Merkel's main rival in Germany's upcoming elections, Martin Schulz, is shying away from contact with the current government in order to fulfil his promise of a fresh start for the Bundesrepublik. The president also commented on their meeting on Twitter, saying, "I had a GREAT meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel".

"One has to ask whether it would really calm Germany's neighbours if we turned into a big military power in Europe and. spent over €60 billion a year [on] weapons", Gabriel said, according to Reuters, adding he had his "doubts".

Obama has largely remained quiet since departing office in January.

Obama has mostly stayed off the radar since leaving the Oval Office, but the high-profile Germany trip could signal a change to that approach.


European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said yesterday (16 February) that Europe must not cave in to USA demands to raise military spending, arguing that development and humanitarian aid could also count as security.

Merkel and May expressed support to Trump for his military action undertaken in Syria on April 7 in response to a chemical attack on civilians, the White House said in a press release.

Trump, who once called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization "obsolete", is scheduled to appear at a NATO leaders' summit in Brussels the same day - May 25.

  • Fernando Stephens