Ready to cook? Google Home is relaying step-by-step recipe instructions

Alternatively, users can find these recipes through the Google Search app on iOS and Android. For one, you can ask it any of the normal stuff you'd ask your Assistant-powered phone or your Google Home speaker. With this SDK, developers can make hardware that can take in voice commands and then perform actions using Google Assistant as the back-end rather than having to create their own voice control system.

Say "OK Google, start cooking" to get a break down, and you can say "OK Google, repeat" to hear the last step once more. Once you pick your favorite, select the "Send to Google Home" button.

Google Assistant has enlisted Bon Appetit, The New York Times, Food Network along with a few other publications to help it become your flawless kitchen assistant. Follow this by saying "Ok Google, start cooking" or "Ok Google, start recipe" to your Google Home.

The recipes come from a number of the world's top food media outlets, including the New York Time, Food Network and more. Once the user is ready to cook, they will have to use the command "Ok Google, start cooking" or "Ok Google, start recipe".

DIY tech nerds rejoice, as you now have the opportunity to tinker with Google Assistant's tech to your heart's desire. After all, why should Google Home have all the fun? Using the speaker after the recipe is not a hard thing to do. However, with the release of the developer preview of the Google Assistant SDK, anyone can port the assistant to their devices.

The recipe reciting functionality is already present in the Amazon Echo speaker.

Google says the feature will be rolling out across Google Assistant over the next week.

Check out a small clip showing the new feature for the Google Home.

  • Fernando Stephens