Squirrel served a mini ice cream cone every day in North Carolina

In addition to collecting her daily snack, Putter also regularly interacts with and entertains the shop's customers.

Putter seems to prefer vanilla or no-sugar varieties, and has been coming by every day for nearly a year, since it first showed up last summer.

The Fantasy Isle Ice Cream and Mini Golf shop in North Carolina say they feed "Putter" the squirrel mini ice cream cones every day.

The owner says it all began when Putter stole an ice cream cone from a customer.

Each day, according to The News & Observer, the hungry little squirrel comes down out the tree it lives in above the shop, and is presented with a tiny scoop of ice cream on a tiny cone.

Ever since, she has made herself at home inside one of the trees above and comes down almost every day for a scoop.

"You call her name and she literally will come out of her nest in one of these big trees and hop her way down to the roof, ultimately to the rail, and waits on her cone", owners Scott and Pam Martin told local affiliate WWAY.

"One of the first things people as for 'is Putter here?'" Pam, Scott's wife, told WWAY.

The Martins say she has become quite a special piece to the family.

A squirrel in North Carolina has been living the dream since she starting visiting a mini-golf course last summer. She's very tolerant of us.

If you want to check out Putter, Fantasy Isle will be open every day this week and next week at noon.

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