Those who provoke war must assume responsibility, says China

The creation of an independent Palestinian state is necessary to correct a "historical injustice", Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Thursday following a meeting with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki, according to Reuters.

Any US strike on North Korea could prompt retaliation against allies or US forces in South Korea or Japan.

"Once a war really happens, the result will be nothing but multiple loss".

He also spoke on the continuous Israeli violations against the Palestinians, especially Jewish settlements' expansion in Palestinian territories, to which Wang responded by affirming the necessity of finding a just and comprehensive solution to the conflict.

China supports Palestinians' efforts to create an independent state based on the borders set before the 1967 Six-Day War as well as the establishment of its future capital in East Jerusalem, Wang said in a joint press conference in Beijing with al-Maliki.

"As long as dialogue takes place, it can be official or unofficial, through one channel or dual channels, bilateral or multilateral".

North Korea's vice foreign minister says President Donald Trump's tweets are adding fuel to a "vicious cycle" of tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

"Now we are comparing Trump's policy toward the DPRK with the former administration's and we have concluded that it's becoming more vicious and more aggressive", Han said.

It is expected that the country may carry out a new nuclear test as USS Carl Vinson, a U.S. aircraft carrier with a navy strike group on board, is sailing in waters near the Korean Peninsula.

He said the Palestine issue can only be settled with concrete action. Another nuclear test would invite tougher measures from Beijing, Guo said.

The North Korean foreign ministry said the United States was bringing "huge nuclear strategic assets" to the area.

  • Joey Payne