Train derails at NYC's Penn Station; no injuries reported

"I ended up missing the opening ceremony, and the opening pitch, which is the best part", he told The Post. Raritan Valley service remained suspended between NY and New Jersey, and MidTown Direct trains were still being diverted to Hoboken.

As commuters began to flood Penn Station late Monday afternoon, some admitted they left work early in order to get ahead of the delays and possible cancellations.

Typically, the LIRR has use of Tracks 13 through 21, but the MTA says the LIRR will primarily operate out of Tracks 17 through 21 on Tuesday evening. "We do have NJT buses in Hoboken too", Schneider said.

The incident is the second time in 11 days that a train from another rail road derailed in Penn Station and disrupted LIRR service.

So far, only a few Long Island Railroad trains have been affected by the derailment.

The remaining LIRR trains from Penn Station could experience delays and crowding, officials say.

Due to a train derailment shortly in the 9:00 a.m. hour, NJ Transit train service was suspended in and out of Penn Station in New York City. "But the customer surveys reported that 75 percent of our customers are willing to recommend NJ Transit to their friends to ride", Santoro said.

Cell phone video showed the problem train still in the tunnel into the evening Monday.

Crews are still working to fix the damage.

Unfortunately for commuter Frank Fleming, a Monday morning derailment at Penn Station caused delays for the entire New York area, which made it hard for him to attend the New York Mets home opener.

"I just keep asking, what are we paying for?" one woman said.

Transit workers and first responders were on hand to assist the approximately 1,200 people getting off the train, the spokesperson said.

Now, Phillips is calling for Amtrak to conduct an investigation. "They need get it together!"

  • Wendy Palmer