Trump Does Not Intend to Ask FBI Director James Comey to Resign

The way the prez sees it. "When he was reading those charges, she was guilty of every charge". He saved her life, because - I call it Comey won.

In her first interview since losing the 2016 USA election, Clinton said the prospect of electing the first woman president was exciting for some Americans, but threatening to others.

Bartiromo asked Trump about the Obama administration relaxing the rules about sharing intercepted personal communications and the ability to share those with 16 other intelligence agencies.

"Director Comey was very, very good to Hillary Clinton, that I can tell you". You know, it's going to be interesting.

President Donald Trump Wednesday morning said Hillary Clinton "was guilty of every charge" FBI Director Jim Comey read past year when he publicly announced he would not recommend prosecution of the former Secretary of State. That I can tell you. "If he weren't, she would be, right now, going to trial", Trump said.

Asked whether it was "too late" to get rid of Comey, Trump appeared hesitant to discuss his future. "And I just refused to do that - and that infuriated everyone", Clinton said in the interview, conducted by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof.

Condemning the alleged use of chemical weapon in Syria, Trump had said: "When you kill innocent children, innocent babies - babies, little babies - with a chemical gas that is so lethal, people were shocked to hear what gas it was, that crosses many, many lines".

"No, it's not too late", Trump said when Maria Bartiromo asked if it was too late to fire Comey. "We'll see what happens", Trump said in regard to the Federal Bureau of Investigation director, who happens to be investigating the president and his campaign staff over ties to Russian Federation.

Of course, some would argue that Comey killed Clinton's chances of becoming president when late in the campaign he re-opened the investigation into Clinton's email server.

When it comes to former Obama advisor Susan Rice, Trump continued to claim she ordered the unmasking of the name of the American being investigated.

"Nobody believes that", said Trump.

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