Trump shares favorable poll results, though others differ

At a White House press conference February 3, when Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked to comment on a newly released CBS News poll - conducted by live interviewers - which put Trump's approval rating at only 40 percent, he said: "I think there's also a Rasmussen poll that showed he had a 51-percent approval rating".

A growing majority of Americans no longer believe President Donald Trump can keep his promises, a new poll by Gallup revealed. The public is also less likely to see him as a "strong and decisive leader", as someone who "can bring about the changes this country needs" or as "honest and trustworthy".

The Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday showed that 50 percent of the voters approve of Trump performance.

And while the overall approval ratings are ticking up, another Gallup poll shows Americans are still concerned about Trump.

According to Gallup, Trump's approval rating dropped two percentage points from when the February poll was conducted to when the April poll was done, from 42 per cent to 40 per cent. Supporters have expressed unhappiness that more has not been done on taxes and immigration, in addition to healthcare.

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"Still 'strong and decisive"'Strong and decisive leadership" is the only characteristic in the Gallup survey for which a majority of U.S. adults (52 per cent) still give Trump positive grades.

This is the first time the president's overall approval rating has been back in the 50s in almost a month. The loss in confidence was particularly pronounced among voters ages 18 to 34 (22 percentage points), but the highest among women, with 25 percent fewer female voters saying they don't believe the president upholds his promises. And in its writeup of the latest results, Gallup notes that's also possible for how people perceive his ability to stick to his word.

  • Joey Payne