Tumult After Judge Orders University To Host White Nationalist Richard Spencer

Only a few chairs were empty in a more than 400-seat room Tuesday night as Spencer and other speakers railed against ethnicity and racial diversity, liberals, the media and more.

Elsewhere on campus, students told CNN they witnessed a fistfight between a Spencer supporter and a protester that ended with police arresting them. According to the Associated Press, three people were arrested for disorderly conduct at the event. U.S. District Judge Keith Watkin allowed the appeal on Tuesday and ordered Auburn to let Spencer speak.

As one of the internet users cleverly noted, Spencer says everything the KKK men or nazis would, not using "jew" or the n-word.

Spencer is notorious for organizing white supremacist conferences through the National Policy Institute, and is widely-considered one of the most visible faces of the extremist "alt-right" movement which came to prominence amid the rise of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential elections. Spencer paid $700 to speak at James E. Foy Hall on Auburn's campus, as can anyone who wishes, because the school is funded with taxpayer money. A crowd of several hundred had gathered on campus by early evening, monitored by dozens of police officers with police dogs.

Three arrests were made Tuesday during the only incident surrounding Spencer's talk, Dorsey said.

Auburn officials cited public safety concerns in trying to stop Spencer from appearing in the student union building. Lawyer Sam Dickson filed the suit on behalf of Cameron Padgett, identified as an Atlanta-area resident who rented an auditorium for Spencer's talk.

On Friday, though, Auburn canceled the event, posting this brief statement: "In consultation with law enforcement, Auburn canceled the Richard Spencer event scheduled for Tuesday evening based on legitimate concerns and credible evidence that it will jeopardize the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors".

"Discussing various ideas and perspectives is part of intellectual development, and we applaud those who did so in the spirit of respect and inclusion, even when faced with offensive views much different from their own", said the statement.

Tuesday afternoon April 18th a Judge issued a restraining order against Auburn Universitie's efforts to stop Spencer from speaking. Spencer claims to have coined the term.

  • Archie Newman