Washington homeowner charged with homicide for killing intruder

Instead of calling the police, Fanning is accused of walking next door to his residential home, getting a.45 handgun, then returning to his business home and shooting Rosa while he stood naked and unarmed in the shower.

Prosecutors now have until Wednesday to decide whether to charge him with first-degree murder, stick with his current second-degree count or charge him with something else.

Fanning called 911 to report that he had shot a man who had broken into his property and was taking a shower.

When the homeowner arrived on the second property, he told deputies he found a screen had been taken off the window and the door kicked in. Fanning told police he thought the stranger was drunk and became afraid when the stranger made threats toward him. He went back to the other property, to see if the individual was still there, which he was, so Fanning shot four times through the shower curtain and killed the individual.

"He was a great uncle, he is a great uncle", said Christa Farster, who said she is Fanning's niece.

Sheriff's Lt. Travis Adams says that the owner and Rosa "exchanged words" before the shooting.

Nate Rosa, 31, of Bothell, was shot and killed while showering in a Belfair business Saturday.

Detectives do not believe the man gave any warning to Rosa - who was not believed to have been armed at the time - before he opened fire.

'Rest in piece Nathaniel Rosa.

A report via iFIBER ONE News Radio told of Fanning being formally charged in Mason County Superior Court on Monday. His arraignment is scheduled for April 10.

Since the shooting, the Mason County Sheriff has posted to social media, saying on Twitter, "Lots of reactions to the arrest". According to Spurling, "Based on what he knew at the time and what he told us, it didn't fit self-defense".

Investigators are trying to determine why Rosa was inside Fanning's business.

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