8 shot during San Diego pool party; suspect dead

A drunk man opened fire in an apartment complex in San Diego, injuring eight people before being shot dead by the police, local media reported.

San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman said several of the injured remain in a critical condition in hospital. When he allegedly aimed the weapon at them, the police shot and killed him.

They said the shooter was a white middle-aged man and the victims they could see were black.

One of Selis' victims was an African-American female who later succumbed to her injuries and died. An additional man was taken to the hospital after he broke his arm while fleeing.

Shahrayar Jeff told the San Diego Union-Tribune that his 8-year-old granddaughter was at the pool and saw the gunman drinking beer "and shooting".

According to FOX 5, one witness said he saw three people lying on the sidewalk after being shot and two other bloody people, one crawling to the other trying to help.

Video from the scene showed ambulances, yellow police tape and a heavy police presence.

Police said there were "multiple victims" after the shocking mass shooting in San Diego, California.

A woman who was in the pool area at the time of the shooting said she was able to get away from the shooter while he was reloading his gun.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a resident said he was in his apartment when he heard gunshots followed by yelling and screams. "There would be three or four shots, a pause and then more shots".

Further information will be released by the police in another press conference later in the evening.

  • Archie Newman