'American Idol' Revival in the Works at ABC, Ryan Seacrest May Host

However, with Seacrest recently taking up another position at ABC as the new co-host of Live With Kelly, hosting Idol will have him taking two roundtrip flights from New York City to Los Angeles.

His Live co-host, Kelly Ripa, gushed over being a massive fan of Idol and said she would start a prayer circle for the show to come back.

Americal Idol is coming back in March, 2018 on ABC.

"Well, I said, 'That's kind of good to know, since I work here, '" Seacrest told Ripa.

"Whatever you want. You're my work wife! I say yes and bow to you", before clarifying.

"I don't know about that part yet", he said. We haven't gotten that far. "So this was news to me, actually, last week". Towards the end of the bidding, Fox reportedly came on strong with a great offer to bring the acclaimed singing show back to its original network, but the deal was already signed with ABC on Friday. I think it's fantastic that it's going to get a chance for a bunch of young people to possibly be stars. I understand its hard doing double duty. But your nights are free, you don't have that much to do.

She replied: "Yes you can, you can!"

"You can disconnect for that!" "On the days where it is the day after, I will totally - you won't even have to think, I will do it all!"

Ryan Seacrest "doesn't know" if he can handle hosting American Idol again. "Everyone knows that Ryan is the glue that keeps the show together". As we reported ... the new gig has nearly super-human strings attached, requiring him to fly coast to coast twice in two days in the middle of the night each week to pull it off. Ryan seems to think he's up to the task... with an L.A. Fitness membership. The first show will air live that day and the second will be recorded to air Tuesday, June 6.

  • Marlene Weaver