Attorneys say 8-year-old was bullied before killing himself

The Cinicinatti School has since released a 24-minute long video from surveillance footage which shows Gabriel trying to shake hands with another child before collapsing on the ground after being pushed into a wall at the entrance of the boys' bathroom.

For five minutes, Gabriel lay there unconscious as students stepped over his body, pointing, mocking, nudging and kicking him, until an assistant principal entered the bathroom and found him, according to the detective's description. His mother was called to collect him however was only told her son had fainted, the Enquirer reports.

Hamilton County Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco has called for a police investigation into whether his death resulted from possible bullying at school and should be ruled a homicide. Other students poked and touched Gabriel for as long as almost five minutes until a school official appeared to care for the boy, according to a Cincinnati Police Department detective's written account of what he saw on school surveillance video.

"For almost five minutes after that, [other students join in and] step over, point, mock, nudge, [and] kick the [unconscious] 8-year-old".

The attorneys dispute claims that administrators had asked Cornelia to pick up her son and take him to hospital the day of the nasty attack.

The 8-year-old's death triggered a police investigation. "There was more bullying than his mom ever knew, was ever told, and as we learn things, it's been hard to share them with her because her response is, 'if I had only known, '" Branch said. A woman who lives in the same Cincinnati apartment complex as Reynolds said Friday that her 13-year-old son sometimes played with Gabriel outside. The mother came to get the 8-year-old after the school called her.

Local station WKRC reported that Taye vomited a few times that night, so his mother took him to the hospital where it was assumed he had the stomach flu. "The article also portrays other students in the video as 'aggressors.' Video evidence does not support this characterization", school officials said.

Leader said she watched the surveillance video and that it shows another boy acting aggressively toward students. That day, he would come home from school, go to his room and take his own life. "Finally, [Carson Elementary School assistant principal Jeff] McKenzie rushes into the restroom and finds the boy".

According to CBS affiliate WKRC-TV, school officials told the boy's mother that he'd fainted but was alert.

Cincinnati Police said they've investigated the incident. Seven county residents 18 and younger have died in suicides so far this year.

Branch said the parents at the school deserve to know about the incident to hold honest conversations about bullying in school.

Gabriel was the only child of his single mother, who is engaged to be married, Branch said.

Leader described the boy as a "happy-go-lucky kid" who had shown no signs of mental issues. He was sent to the nurse's office, then taken home by his mother.

"I just feel like enough is not being done, and I feel like stuff is being swept under the rug", Reynolds told local news WLTV. "He just didn't know how to tell me".

  • Joe Gonzales