Christy Clark outlines plan to ban USA thermal coal from BC

And it looks like NDP Leader John Horgan is employing a similar strategy in 2017.

Under the NDP plan, the carbon tax would go up by $6 in 2020, and $7 in 2021 and 2022.

"It's going to be a gradual implementation and we're going to make sure that nearly 80 per cent of British Columbians will get some form of a rebate so they can have less money out of their pocket than before", he said.

- The NDP plan also calls for low- and middle-income families to get a rebate cheque meant to mitigate increases in the carbon tax.

But the most notable trend for Bozinoff is with the B.C. Green Party, whose leader Andrew Weaver surged in popularity following two televised leader debates.

"Often I find that Liberal voters are unhappy with all the disasters that [they've] had [and] majority attribute them to Christy Clark". "Now our greenhouse gas emissions are going up".

Tzeporah Berman sat on a climate-change panel tasked by the Liberal government with creating recommendations on climate change, but says the recommendations weren't fully implemented so she's supporting the NDP due to their commitment to act on the issue. The decision to extort $64.80 plus all the taxes to take a picture of the electric meter of those who did not want the "ticking time bomb spy meter" was announced the day after the Clark by-election.

The world has changed since 2013, and looming over this election, as anyway, is the shadow of U.S. President Donald Trump, and a resurgent era of protectionism south of the border.

At least four other members of Clark's panel have distanced themselves from Berman's comments.

"We did not, though, accept the key recommendation in the minds of some of the folks from the environmental movement, which is that we double the carbon tax", she said. I don't think people believe the NDP care about jobs anymore.

Once again, when this campaign began the corporate media dropped any real criticism of Premier Christy Clark, despite her government's appalling record: happily taking huge payoffs from energy monopolies and big developers, callous public statements, attacks on working people and the poor, and cruel cuts to social programs.

Months after the report was submitted, the federal government told the provinces to fall in line with its $50-per-tonne carbon tax. "And we should be very proud of our leadership position".

"If we're going to have much higher top tax rates here than other provinces or other parts of the United States, it's going to be harder to attract companies to put head offices here, it's going to be harder to create high paying sustained employment here, it's going to be hard to generate a bunch of business innovation".

  • Joey Payne