Corinne, Raven and Jasmine Give Rachel Bachelorette Advice

Rachel seemed impressed and I was digging some of the guys for this season!

If Lindsay doesn't keep Matt around, we might know someone else who's interested. And later, we'll drool over all the sexy black suitors who ABC rounded up for this milestone of diversity on television (and also one each of a Colombian-American and an Indian-American, because baby steps). My micro-aggression meter went haywire. "I love a man that's in touch with his feelings", Lindsay said on a conference call with Variety and several other outlets that occurred post-filming, but before any footage aired.

And as usual, numerous suitors attempt to make a mind-blowing first impression by trotting out props and gimmicks. His occupation is listed as "aspiring drummer". He describes his job as a "senior inventory specialist".

Jedidiah, 35, ER doctor: He busts out a bible verse, which definitely sets him apart, but I still say DRINK! Look, I respect all honest work.

We use the term "best" loosely.

"I'm proud to see the "Bachelorette" show successful and diverse men, and that the only white men they have are the butt of the joke", one person tweeted.

I do have a couple faves though.

Josiah, 28. Full name Josiah Daniel Graham. Also, I'm still on the fence about that kiss he planted on Rachel during their alone time. When she walks into a room and smiles, she puts everybody at ease. I hope it takes her a while to figure that out, I don't know.

That means she said goodbye to Rob, Kyle, Blake K. Perhaps this time also audience will get to see some bad guys.

Bryan: Chiropractor Bryan got Rachel's first impression rose with his Spanish talk and the season's first smooch, but he doesn't get mine. "Once penguins find their soulmates, they tend to mate for life, and I'm hoping that's me", he said so sweetly that we nearly forgot he was wearing a penguin costume. After pinning him with this sacred rose, she goes in for another taste. Some of you are clearly wondering how the hell a guy whose main, perhaps only, claim to fame is yelling "Whaaaaaaboooom!" ended up with a rose over guys like sweet-natured Blake K or Grant, an ER doctor. He's had it on allllll night. "That's the insane one", another guy muttered. One man wore a penguin costume, another brought a doll that looked like himself, while one suitor repeatedly shouted "whaboom". "They're going to be giving me their opinions". But almost all the guys are gracious and depart without making a fuss... except Milton. He showed Rachel a picture of him in third grade then flipped a few pages to reveal an eighth grade version of Rachel. If you don't carry you and your wardrobe back to where you came from...

When Rachel was announced as the newest bachelorette, she was still a contestant on The Bachelor. She is ready to pick a husband.

"Oh girl, you in trouble". Now it will be her turn to "investigate" a group of wonderful men and find her soul mate.

  • Marlene Weaver