Elon Musk Is Dead Serious About Building a Freeway Under Los Angeles

Musk assured his Twitter followers that The Boring Company's tunnels will be earthquake-proof, and that he aims to ramp up the boring speed by at least a factor of 10. He also has expressed plans for tunnels to cover all of greater L.A.

Musk posted a video of a demo of its electric sled in action on Friday. The scenario is depicted in an animation video posted on The Boring Company's website.

The first tunnel for The Boring Company begins. Private cars would be loaded onto an electric sled, sort of like a single-car ferry, then driven through the tunnels at speeds up to 125 miles per hour.

Though it's not clear where Musk's first tunnel beneath SpaceX will ultimately lead to, one can presume that it would connect the space company with nearby LAX airport. Godot, he said, would be the name of the Boring Company's first big piece of equipment.

"You can alleviate any arbitrary level of open congestion with a 3D tunnel network." said Musk recently at TED2017. It remains unclear for now, however, whether Musk and his Boring Company have obtained the necessary approvals from the city and government, especially considering that the area is seismically active. Still, he thinks underground traffic tunnels are much more feasible than flying cars. And then the vehicle gets on a skate; there's no speed limit here, so we're designing this to be able to operate at about 200 kilometers per hour, or about 130 miles per hour, so you should be able to get from, say, Westwood to LAX in five-six minutes.

With that, the so-called Boring Company was born, another addition to Musk's ever-growing portfolio of technology ventures. As for the boring machine, he went with a theme of poems and plays, and the first one will be named "Godot" after the play "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett.

  • Wendy Palmer