Final vote expected in House on marijuana bill

The state Legislature's move to decriminalize marijuana possession under one ounce on Tuesday adds a new chapter to what has been a long, odd trip for efforts to legalize the drug and its various modes of consumption in Vermont.

The bills are a stated priority for both Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who lamented the legislature's failure to pass meaningful ethics reform in 2015.

Harry wrote that the commission "was undertaking its constitutionally mandated duty and providing clarity to the language that they have been charged with administering" by defining that facilities need to have "60% Arkansas ownership". The commission would have no investigative or punitive authority of its own.

While all of these bills could become law if agreement can be reached by both parties in both chambers, the special session was called primarily to reach a compromise on the state's 2017-19 operating budget.

Complaints related to the Department of Human Resources' code of ethics would be sent to the commissioner of the department.

Thursday is the last day of this year's legislative session. Such inquiries would remain confidential.

Sirotkin said interest rates are low right now, making it an advantageous time to develop housing. Also, the legislation disallows campaign contributions from entities that have sole-source contracts with the state worth $50,000 or more. "They can't afford to use 12 weeks of unpaid leave".

Rep. Corey Parent, R-St. But he was also among a handful of House members who were concerned about a requirement that the spouses and domestic partners of elected officials would have to disclose sources of income.

"I don't think there's any questions that a program like this would be a benefit for folks", she said.

Whether it's going to lead anywhere is anyone's guess.

Florida's House of Representatives proved today that there is nothing its grubby little hands can't screw up. She said she hopes lawmakers will strengthen it over time.

"The more restrictive we are, the more likely we would have litigation on this", said Sen. A stable, secure, affordable home is the first step toward reducing poverty and providing all of Vermont's children and families the opportunity to live the Vermont dream. One bill looks to close the so-called "Charleston loophole" by requiring courts to quickly report to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System factors prohibiting someone from getting a gun.

"We really see this as a win-win, not only for our families but quite frankly something we can offer young families and employees to keep them here", said Rep. Janssen Willhoit, R-St. The legislation was passed in the Senate in late March and approved by the House Insurance Committee on Tuesday.

Restrictions and limitations in the bill - including a limited number of license holders and a ban on smoking - are inspired by concerns that the federal government might decide Florida's medical cannabis program is too unregulated, House sponsor and Republican Leader Ray Rodriguesof Estero said.

  • Joey Payne