Fired radio reporter sues Fox News, claiming retaliation

Is it feasible to give you a call this week? "I'd really appreciate it", according to her complaint in New York County Supreme Court. "The decision to terminate Ms. Golloher can only be described as a blatant act of retaliation".

"Simply put, any purported desire on the part of Fox to clean up its culture and actually encourage employees to come forward with complaints about discrimination in the workplace is nothing more than a move to salvage its reputation". Instead, Fox is using the hotline "to paint the targets on the back of employees".

In the wake of sexual harassment allegations against Bill O'Reilly, a "hotline" that Fox has for complaints became more well known.

Further, the lawsuit alleged that Davis told Golloher to send him photos of her reporting for a piece, but said that photos she sent him were "horrible" and that she was "much better looking in person".

Jessica Golloher claims in a lawsuit filed in NY on Thursday that she was the subject of "sexist treatment" and standards not applied to male employees.

"What is even more dumbfounding, however, is that Fox Radio's Vice President and General Manager, who conducted the termination in question was, according to media reports, fired from his prior job at ABC, after ABC learned of his improper use of online material that included a sexually explicit photograph that was turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

The complaint also alleges there were "sexist standards not applied to male correspondents" within the company.

Thursday's lawsuit follows several filed in recent months by current and former employees of Fox News. She is based in Jerusalem and covers the Middle East and Africa. In 2013, she was informed that Fox News had assigned Simon Owen as lead reporter to cover the winter games.

Earlier this year, Golloher says she pitched a story that would require her to go to Afghanistan but was rejected because it was "exceedingly unsafe".

The lawsuit claims Golloher complained to her superiors a number of times, but her grievances were ignored.

Golloher says she was berated by producer Dave Anthony, who would dictate word-for-word what she should say in her reports.

Golloher alleges on April 17, she emailed Hirshman asking if she could talk about "issues at FOX".

A person familiar with the matter told BuzzFeed News that employees from the hotline tried contacting Golloher twice after she reached out but were unable to reach her. Then they sent a male reporter to do it. "Weinbloom and Davis did nothing in response".

"Jessica Golloher's claims are without merit", the spokeswoman said in a statement. Her allegations of discrimination and retaliation are baseless. "We will vigorously defend the matter", the company said. The former correspondent seeks declaratory, injunctive and equitable relief, and monetary damages.

Her attorneys are Jeanne Christensen and Douglas Wigdor with Wigdor LLP in New York City.

The suits states that she was, "marginalized and subject to discrimination based on her gender".

  • Marlene Weaver