Motorola is making an Android-toting iPad Pro rival, reports say

The publication says that it's 9-10 inches in diagonal size and that it has a premium feel; however, there's now no information on the processor, screen dimensions or even a name.

According to a new report, Motorola is working on a new tablet which will come with some new productivity features for the customers as well. Apparently, when enabled, Productivity Mode will let you seamlessly switch between apps by tapping app icons in the navigation bar, and close any app with a long press and an upward drag.

Motorola might soon surprise us all with a new Android tablet. Meantime, rumors claim that the Moto X will have a price tag of $300, Phone Dog reported.

We'll update you if we get to hear anything more about the tablet. This is to note that the Productivity Mode can be switched on and off. based on user's requirement.

This makes switching between apps faster without forcing users to go back to the Android home screen.

Where tablets have been a drought area for Motorola, smartphones have been something where it has continued to see growth.

Furthermore, the Productivity Mode shifts all the Android navigation buttons to one side of the tablet screen. The company has been on a hot streak in the mobile scene and I'd love to see the touches it could put on a future tablet. Since then, no tablet has been introduced by Motorola or Lenovo. It's not surprising because Lenovo owns Motorola now so it has all the right to bring the best features to new products like this mysterious Moto tablet. What's also nice is that the navigation bar seems to include a dedicated app drawer button - next to the navigation keys. Although there weren't any technical specs mentioned, it's been said that cellular connectivity might be offered in at least one model of the tablet.

  • Fernando Stephens