Reines: 'Not easy to avoid the unwanted Trump hug'

After Clinton and "Trump" walk on stage, Reines stretches out his arms as if expecting his "opponent" to reciprocate. To avoid as much inevitable awkwardness as possible, Clinton and her team spent time practicing.

Comey, who was spectacularly ousted as the Federal Bureau of Investigation director last week, was said to be "disgusted" when Trump tried to hug him in a public display of closeness, according to Comey's friend Benjamin Wittes in a Lawfare blog post.

Comey was also unsettled by Trump's attempts to establish a personal relationship with him and feared their interactions might jeopardize the investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russian Federation, according to associates who spoke to the New York Times.

When Reines goes in for the hug, Clinton reacts with what one might consider an appropriate amount of revulsion, slapping Reines on the hand and trying to dart past him.

But no one can expertly avoid an "unwanted Trump hug" like his political nemesis Hillary Clinton! "But we thought it was very likely he'd try to use his height and size to present an image that you wouldn't see between, say, President Obama and Governor Romney".

And the comparisons to Comey's non-hug with Trump in the Oval Office ring true, too.

"Comey said that as he was walking across the room he was determined that there wasn't going to be a hug", Wittes told the Times. "Bad enough that he was there; bad enough that there would be a handshake; he emphatically did not want any show of warmth", Wittes wrote.

Comey said he "pre-emptively reached out for a handshake and grabbed the president's hand".

Comey's efforts failed when Trump finally noticed him and pulled him in for an uncomfortable embrace.

The video backs that assertion up. "He's become more famous than me!"

Hillary Clinton practiced avoiding a hug from Donald Trump before their September debate.

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