Samsung Shows Off Stretchable OLED

Just yesterday, the South Korean giant made an announcement that it will showcase this World's first stretchable display at SID 2107 global event which will be hosted by Society for Information Display US tech fair. Most of the existing flexible OLED displays are bendable in only one direction, whereas you can transform the stretchable OLED in both sides.

Stretchable displays are next evolution of the flexible display market, which includes curved and rollable displays, but it's said to be the most advanced form.

Its display can stretch as much as 12mm when pressed and yet still maintains a high degree of resolution, said the company.

Samsung Display is said to be preparing a first look at a stretchable display design at a U.S. conference tomorrow. It is considered the future technology that fits the most for wearable, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) devices as well as automotive displays. The concept of stretchable displays will be revealed by the Korean giant during Display Week in which major manufacturers participate to showcase their latest technologies. This new stretchable panel is quite a progression because previously, the displays we've seen could only be bent on one side. LG Display will present its 77-inch Ultra High Definition (UHD) wallpaper OLED TV panel that is thin as paper and boasts high image quality.

Some analysts predict fully-folding equipment will arrive in about two years when several companies, which have so far been reserved due to their little experience with this technology, could deploy their patents on commercial products.

According to London-based research firm IHS Markit, the displays could continue to evolve in the coming years.

However, reports claimed in January that the long-rumoured 'Galaxy X' (aka Project Valley) foldable smartphone/tablet will be launched in the third quarter this year, quite possibly at the IFA trade show in Berlin this September.

Given the complexity of the manufacturing process, it's also safe to assume that the Samsung stretchable display will be an expensive one.

  • Joe Gonzales