Wall Street to open flat after Macron wins French election

"Women now represent 53 percent of the electoral body, so it's unacceptable that they make up less than 30 percent of those elected to the National Assembly", Macron, who founded a political party previous year called "En Marche!" said in a speech in January.

Ferrand says the movement received more than 19,000 dossiers from people answering its call for candidates.

Then when Macron quit the government to launch his presidential bid, Valls was categorical: "I have a principle, and that's loyalty, loyalty to the president, of course, but not only; loyalty to the French people. you can not desert". There is also a computer whizz who started working at age 16, a farmer, a primary school director whose family is known for its sparkling wine, and a journalist who covered conflict in Africa.

Legislative elections take place in two rounds, on June 8 and 11.

Their shared goal: to deliver French President-elect Emmanuel Macron the parliamentary majority he needs to be effective.

"In line with Macron's pledges during the presidential campaign, at least half the movement's candidates in the June parliamentary poll will be new to politics and at least half will be women".

"You don't slam the door in the face of a former prime minister", said LREM secretary general Richard Ferrand.

The socialist party initiated procedures to expel Mr Valls, and Mr Macron was accused of trying to humiliate his former rival by leaving him in limbo.

Macron's battle to get these candidates elected begins now.

There is also Claire Tassadit Houd. Her sister, Djamila, was among the 130 killed in the November 13, 2015, Paris attacks.

During an election campaign rally on Monday (8 May) the prime minister said: "Obviously the government elected after 8 June will be sitting down and talking to Monsieur Macron and others about how that system we have works for the benefit of France as well as the benefit of the United Kingdom".

European shares dipped on Monday as the relief rally that greeted Emmanuel Macron's victory in the French presidential election petered out although strong earnings growth continued to underpin demand for the region's equities.

Macron had raised concerns that the deal, which means that France has to deal with thousands of migrants heading for Channel ports, fails child migrants who are often left stranded in northern France. "Market participants who had expected that an unemployment rate that was long term below "normal" levels (i.e. a labor market running hot) would finally fuel wage inflation are slowly running out of patience", Commerzbank strategists wrote in a note.

"Yes, we can", she said.

  • Joey Payne