Aisha Tyler Announces Departure From 'The Talk', CBS Reacts

After six seasons as a cohost on The Talk, Aisha Tyler is leaving the CBS daytime show.

The star of Criminal Minds, Archer, and the host of Whose Line Is It Anyways, said: 'I just realized I had to let something go'. She also mentioned that she's going to be on show until the current season end. Tyler said she would return to the show as a guest host as well as to discuss her future projects. The entire panel of co-hosts, whether it be Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen, Sheryl Underwood, or Sara Gilbert, were all present for her final episode.

She also recently directed her first feature film, the dramatic thriller Axis, about a drug addict trying to save his relationships and turn his life around, which she took to multiple festivals, including the Newport Beach Film Festival, where the title was honored.

Tyler was in tears when she made her announcement. It was already hectic, but now that she has an opportunity to direct her first feature film, she had to make the hard decision to let something go. "I'll never be able to thank you guys enough". Who should replace her at the table?

#Aisha Tyler has a role on three series besides being a talk show co-host on "The Talk". She added that is what she wants to do the rest of her life.

Following the show, The Talk released a sweet goodbye message to Tyler via Twitter.

Ahead of her announcement on the show, Tyler wrote about "change" on Twitter, possibly hinting about her exit. In one post, Aisha wrote that life is about change and sometimes it can be both painful and lovely.

After being a part of The Talk on CBS for many years, Aisha Tyler is preparing to walk off into the unset. What do you think of her decision to leave The Talk?

  • Marlene Weaver