AMD Shows Off Threadripper and Ryzen Mobile, and Dates EPYC and Vega

AMD took the stage at Computex 2017 to announce that Radeon RX Vega will launch at Siggraph 2017, which takes place July 30 to August 3. AMD said the new card is expected to arrive in stores June 27.

The processor is officially coming this summer, probably along with Radeon RX Vega, till then here are the details we have come to know so far on Ryzen Threadripper.

"Where is Vega?" Well, finally there seems to be a clear answer for that question and the answer is that it's around 2 months away from launch. 'At Computex we highlighted the next wave of AMD products that will come to market, including our upcoming Epyc family of processors for datacentres, high-end Radeon Vega-based graphics cards, and new AMD Ryzen Threadripper and Ryzen mobile processors. Intel's new Core i9/X299 platform hikes that up to 44 lanes of PCIe, but only in the higher-end chips, creating artificial limitations on more modest versions. Most consumers won't need that kind of speed, but anyone who piles on the storage options and multiple GPUs will welcome AMD's 64 PCIe lanes. The company was able to show off a couple high-performance systems from OEMs such as ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI. Threadripper HEDT CPUs were promised as "this summer". So even though the form factor is not quite as sleek as Nvidia's Max-Q lineup, the combination of Ryzen and Radeon RX 580 may begin a second rivalry for longest performance in the battery life category during mobile gameplay.

Above: AMD mobile CPU with Vega cores. The laptop is of interest because ASUS itself said it's the most power laptop on the market, at least by the CPU, being 60% faster than the next offering (which isn't hard to believe considering most laptops are quad-core CPUs).

According to ASUS, this laptop's CPU broke the Cinebench laptop performance record (1410 points which is roughly equivalent to an 8C16T Core i7-5960X desktop CPU) with a result significantly higher than competing laptop processors. According to the name this new model belongs to the high-end series. Dell's Infinity Edge display is used for this AIO which the company claims is VR ready.

So, the earliest we'll see these graphics cards is the very end of July, and that might just be an initial reveal of the hardware, as opposed to an actual launch - the RX Vega cards may not hit the shelves until several weeks after. That being said, AMD hasn't forgotten about PC gamers, and is working to bring Vega to consumers in the near future.

  • Fernando Stephens