Boris Johnson denies plot to topple UK PM Theresa May

Earlier, Downing Street had said a preliminary agreement had already been secured. "I think we'll know very shortly".

The new parliament will be sworn in Tuesday, but the real test for May is likely to come when MPs vote on her programme after it is outlined in parliament by Queen Elizabeth II on June 19.

"There's a possibility of voting the Queen's Speech down and we're going to push that all the way". The winning party is the one with the most seats.

The 18-24 age group voted Labour in landslide numbers, while support for the Conservatives was strongest among the over-55s.

"I obviously wanted a different result last night", a grim-faced May acknowledged, promising she would "reflect on what happened".

"We will welcome any such deal being agreed, as it will provide the stability and certainty the whole country requires as we embark on Brexit and beyond", the spokeswoman added.

Mr Osborne, who was sacked by Mrs May and now is editor of the London Evening Standard, said there was now no majority in the Commons for a "hard Brexit".

The new arithmetic of the House of Commons will also makes Brexit negotiations more hard. "They didn't want to leave the EU". He said a new election might be necessary later this year or early in 2018.

Voter turnout in the election was up from 66 percent in 2015 to nearly 69 percent, and half a million more young people registered to vote than before the last election.

I mean, what is deeply troubling about this is that a sort of position of neutrality between the Unionist community, who support the union between Northern Ireland and Britain, and the Nationalist community, who believe in a united Ireland, neutrality between those two communities has been an absolute cornerstone of British policy.

May spoke to the Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny over the phone on Sunday.

The Conservatives are known for their ruthless leadership campaigns and it was only a year ago that Johnson and former Justice Secretary Michael Gove vied for power in a bitter battle.

The Good Friday Agreement was a major development in the peace process of the 1990s that brought peace to the region after decades of conflict.

May has been forced to seek the help of a minor party in order to remain in power after she fell short of the 326 needs to form a majority government.

At the start of the campaign, she was enjoying poll leads of 20 points or more over the main opposition Labour Party. Conservative MPs are publicly airing their anger, some calling for her ouster and others demanding radical change in her style of leadership.

"I tell you this, we will absolutely remain part of the European Convention on Human Rights and European Court of Human Rights - we are not walking away from those vital post-war agreements that were made".

The DUP fears that special status for Brexit - a key demand of Sinn Fein - would lead to the de-coupling of Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. A buoyant Corbyn piled on pressure for May to resign, saying people have had enough of austerity politics and cuts in public spending.

May continued to organize her government on Saturday.

  • Joey Payne