Clinging on to her job, Britain's May appoints new ministers

"I blame her party for destroying Britain by pushing for Brexit and austerity, two things that will ultimately be bad for my generation". "In office, but not in power", blared the Sunday Telegraph.

May spoke to the Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny over the phone on Sunday.

"The reason for the disappointing result was not the absence of support for Theresa May and the Conservatives but an unexpected surge in support for Labour, " he wrote on the Conservative Home website.

Some senior Tories had made the removal of Hill and Timothy a condition for continuing to support May, who has vowed to remain prime minister.

Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland who is credited with a surprise win of 13 seats for the party there, said yesterday that the PM needed to "look again" at Brexit.

Labour had 262, up from 229, and the Scottish National Party 35, a loss of about 20 seats that complicates the party's plans to push for independence.

British Prime Minister Theresa May's chief of staffs Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill leave Conservative Party headquarters in London, Friday, June 9, 2017.

Meanwhile, a buoyant Corbyn was insisting he saw a route for Labour to form a government, although it was not clear how he would command the support of a majority of members of parliament given the electoral arithmetic.

Nigel Evans was among several Conservative MPs to call for Timothy's resignation, and said "anyone with their fingers" on the document should resign.

"It was a disaster", he said.

European Union leaders expressed fears that May's shock loss of her majority would delay the Brexit talks, which are due to begin next week, and so raise the risk of negotiations failing.

Theresa May has been warned she will have to re-think her Brexit negotiating strategy following her humiliation at the ballot box. "May sought a mandate". "May's departure from Downing remorseless".

A stream of senior lawmakers entered her office at 10 Downing St. on Sunday afternoon, to learn what roles they had been given in government.

The new statement came after Downing Street earlier said the DUP had agreed to the principles of an outline agreement to support a Conservative government. Confidence and supply arrangements mean that the DUP will back the government if a vote of no confidence is held, and in cases of "supply" - effectively backing the government's budgets.

A Downing Street spokesperson said: "The Prime Minister confirmed her intention for Brexit talks to begin as planned in the next couple of weeks, and that we would be looking for a reciprocal agreement on the rights of European Union citizens and British citizens overseas at an early stage".

"The Conservatives have not yet broken the British system of democracy, but through their hubris and incompetence they have managed to make a mockery of it", it said in an editorial.

A source close to the DUP said the party was seeking more funding for the province and concessions for former British soldiers in exchange for supporting May.

Same-sex marriage remains outlawed in Northern Ireland. "He's in a permanent leadership campaign so I am not sure it qualifies as news", he said.

A coalition involving Labour, the SNP, Lib Dems and Caroline Lucas of the Green party is more popular than the Tory-DUP coalition amongst the voters - 39 per cent approving of this theoretical "progressive alliance" and 47 per cent disapproving, and 15 per cent unsure.

"I could not care less what people get up to in terms of their sexuality". "He is keeping her in place until he is better placed to remove her", said one MP. "When it becomes a matter for me is when people try to redefine marriage".

A deal between the government and the DUP could also unsettle the precarious balance between Northern Ireland's British loyalist and Irish nationalist parties, whose power-sharing administration in Belfast collapsed earlier this year.

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