Corbyn challenges May to explain 'dementia tax' impact

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May reacts as she speaks at an election campaign event at Pride Park Stadium in Derby, Britian. You have to think these things through.

As some sections of the audience shouted, Corbyn then said: "If we did use it, millions are going to die".

To understand the pattern a bit better, let us start with this chart - which is a bit like a swingometer.

But all this is only possible if we secure that good deal from Brussels.

One well-placed Labour official said before Friday's prime-time TV grilling that scores of "safe" seats in the midlands and north west, with Labour majorities of 8,000, were on a knife edge despite the party's polls surge.

At the start of campaigning a number of polls gave the Conservatives nearly double the vote share compared to Labour - indicating a landslide victory that would have significantly strengthened Prime Minister Theresa May's working majority in the House of Commons.

"It is clear that on contact with the voters, Mrs May is not going down well and she is losing ground in particular amongst middle-aged voters and female voters", Ben Page, chief executive of Ipsos MORI, told Reuters. If you've spent months painting the Labour leader as a monster and then he appears in public as a nice old man, you'll never convince people he's risky.

Sir Michael said: "You can be sure your tax will go up if you're a higher-rate taxpayer if you stay at home on Thursday". A YouGov opinion poll on Wednesday showed the Conservatives' lead had fallen to a fresh low of 3 points.

Theresa May has centred her election campaign on the Brexit negotiations.

Against the Bank of England's trade-weighted basket, which measures sterling's broader strength, the pound is now back where it was on 9 April, before May called the election.

Mr Corbyn said: "When Labour talks about job creation, we mean decent jobs, jobs which pay a real living wage, which people can get by on and which give people a sense of pride and goal".

Jeremy Corbyn will not "realistically" win the General Election, according to one of his own MPs.

If you watched the Question Time election debate on June 2nd you will have witnessed Jeremy Corbyn being berated by a succession of furious elderly men, with a few questions from other less vociferous demographics sprinkled in.The two main themes these elderly men attacked Corbyn on were clearly rote-learned straight out of the pages of the right-wing press.

Mr Mackinlay narrowly beat Nigel Farage, then UKIP leader, in one of the tightest results in the 2015 election.

The Labour leader suggested he would sign off on more ships for the navy and extra surveillance aircraft for the air force alongside pledges to boost funding and numbers in the police and armed services.

Mrs May was also confronted by two voters who had been called to work capability assessments over mental health conditions, one of whom said she had been waiting nearly two years for NHS counselling.

Doubts about Hammond's future have mounted since he had to reverse plans to raise payroll taxes for self-employed workers just days after presenting his first annual budget in March, while Rudd has played a highly visible role in the election.

The new forecast was released today and took into consideration the Question Time show on Friday, where Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn answered queries from audience members.

  • Wendy Palmer