Courageous man dives into moving auto to save driver from having seizure

An Illinois man risked his safety to rescue a stranger who was having a seizure behind the wheel.

Dixon Police said a patrol auto was driving near the intersection 4th Avenue and North Galena Avenue when officers saw a blue vehicle heading north on Galena and running red lights, veering into the opposite lane of traffic.

A dash cam in a police auto travelling behind the vehicle recorded Tompkins diving through the passenger window and putting on the brake. Tompkins put two fingers into the convulsing driver's mouth to prevent him from swallowing his tongue.

A video posted by Dixon police on Saturday shows the blue auto rolling through the stoplight and almost hitting other vehicles at an intersection.

Tompkins instinctively knew that the other driver was having a seizure.

"I did that really fast, and then I stopped the vehicle", he said. "The vehicle proceeded north at a low rate of speed and began traveling into the oncoming lanes of travel", the statement said.

Watch his heroic act below.

The driver was taken to the KSB Hospital in Dixon after the scary ordeal.

Tompkins said he spoke to the man Sunday via Facebook. "I just did it so fast that I didn't even think about it, I just did it". "I asked him to keep me posted and he said he would do so".

  • Joey Payne