Ex-Penn St. officials get jail in Sandusky case

Three former Penn State officials are getting jail time for failing to report convicted sexual predator Jerry Sandusky to authorities. He was found guilty in March of one misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of a child.

Former athletic director Gary Schultz was sentenced to six to 23 months' confinement, with at least two months in jail, and fined $5,000. Curley and Schultz pleaded guilty to the same charge a week before the start of the trial. Laura Ditka, a prosecutor in the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office, said Spanier chose to "protect his reputation and the reputation of his friends and the reputation of the university above the well-being of some innocent children", calling that decision inexcusable. Spanier's lawyer says the 68-year-old is suffering from prostate cancer and heart problems, and is asking for probation.

Sandusky, the football team's disgraced former defensive coordinator, was convicted and sent to prison almost five years ago for molesting 10 boys, many of them on Penn State's campus.

Penn State has reached private settlements with more than 30 Sandusky victims, and at least four have said they were assaulted after the 2001 incident, of which the Penn State administrators decided not to alert law enforcement.

Prosecutors said his lack of remorse for Sandusky's victims is telling.

Multiple legal proceedings have demonstrated that some members of the Penn State community had not just a moral but also a legal duty to inform authorities about their knowledge regarding Sandusky's illegal activities.

"You probably made the most glaring error because this was your building (as athletic director) and you had one thing to oversee", Boccabella told Curley.

She said he kept Penn State trustees in the dark about the Sandusky complaint and "he allowed children to be harmed". Prosecutors said that after McQueary recounted what he saw, the three administrators decided not to report it to authorities to protect the universitys reputation.

As a result, they said, the former assistant football coach went on to victimize more boys.

Penn State has paid out almost a quarter-billion dollars in fines, settlements and other costs associated with the scandal, and the football program suffered heavy NCAA sanctions.

In Dauphin County Friday, Spanier faces a maximum of 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Paterno was sacked but never charged with a crime; he died of lung cancer at age 85 two months after Sanduskys arrest. Paterno, who was sacked in the aftermath of Sandusky's 2011 indictment and died of lung cancer months later, testified he thought McQueary witnessed something sexual, and he urged McQueary to report the incident to Curley. Paterno notified Curley and Schultz, and McQueary met with both of them about a week later.

  • Marlene Weaver