Ivanka Trump Tells 'Fox & Friends': 'I Try to Stay Out of Politics'

"I try to stay out of politics", Trump claimed in an interview with Fox & Friends Monday morning. When asked about his tweets, however, she said she tries to "stay out of politics". She also says her father, who lied to voters repeatedly and whipped them into a racist, hateful fury while his opponent was being kneecapped by the Russians and the Federal Bureau of Investigation - and he still lost the popular vote - has political instincts that are "phenomenal".

She was a prominent surrogate in her father's presidential campaign and now has an influential role in President Trump's White House. "He did something pretty remarkable".

"I don't have a hidden agenda", she told Earhardt.

Ivanka Trump isn't on an apology tour, but she appears to be backing away from blame as a White House adviser to her father. "And I think one of the things that, in this country we don't have enough of, is dialogue". "I give him my open and candid feedback so sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree", Ms. Trump said on Fox News.

US President Donald Trump waves as he walks with his daughter Ivanka to board Air Force one at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland en route to Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 13, 2017.

Ivanka Trump believes the differences between her and her father is a positive thing because the nation lacks "substantive dialogue", in which people can have different opinions and "speak about them freely and candidly".

In response to the perpetual interview question of how the onetime registered Democrat might disagree with her polarizing father, Ivanka Trump said it'd be a "strange scenario" if they agreed on every issue - but, as usual, didn't name any specific conflicts.

"We're different people so there are areas where we disagree". Her presence and views are frequently cited as a moderating influence on her father.

Vice President Mike Pence, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Focusing on how we can help our veterans - and how we can really deliver them the care that they so need. "They always exit the plane a lot more hyper and on a sugar high".

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