Mahatma Gandhi 'bahut chatur baniya', knew Cong lacks ideology, says Amit Shah

BJP chief Amit Shah has said Mahatma Gandhi was a "chatur baniya", a reference to the mercantile caste to which he was born, who had rightly advised dissolution of the Congress after Independence.

Shah said Gandhi knew the weakness of the Congress party and thus suggested its dissolution after the country gained independence.

Shah, addressing a group of "eminent persons" of Chhattisgarh, reiterated that the saffron party has a set of principles and ideologies. He said that the Congress party was not formed based on any ideology or principles, which is why it had no political future.

"The truth is that before the Independence, the British used (Hindu) Mahasabha and Sangh as special goal vehicle for the partition of India and now after Independence, the BJP men are following the same path and have become a special objective vehicle for a handful of rich businessmen", he said at a hurriedly-convened media briefing. He said, "Gandhi would have laughed at "chatur baniya" description but for its "utter tastelessness and the hidden mischief in it". "This shows the character and ideology of the ruling party and its president".

The BJP chief is in Chhattisgarh as part of his nationwide tour in preparation for the next round of elections in 2018 and 2019. Mahatma Gandhi ne nahi kiya, lekin ab kuch log usko bikherne ka kaam samapt kar rahe hain.

"Congress kisi ek vichaar dhaara ke adhaar par, kisi ek siddhant ke adhaar par bani hui party hi nahi hai, woh azadi prapt karne ka ek special objective vehicle hai, azadi prapt karne ka ek saadhan tha". He further added, "clarity of thought" helped (the BJP) take firm stances on issues. "No one should think that he can say anything only because he is in power", she said. "We are clear. If someone will raise anti-national slogans, he will be called a traitor", he said. "Similarly, today BJP is acting as a SPV for few corporates for taking care of their business interests", the Congress spokesperson added.

Shah showcased his support to the Raman Singh government by saying that the state has emerged from the "BIMARU" tag.

  • Joey Payne