Nintendo SNES Classic Edition: Games, price and release

Similar to the NES Classic Edition, the new retro console will be preinstalled with a selection of SNES titles, allowing players to relive the experience of classic games.

The SNES Classic Edition will look nearly exactly the same as the original 1992 console, although it is significantly smaller.

The reboot of the classic SNES will feature 21 built-in games, including the popular "Super Mario World". Also included is a never-before released game, "Star Fox 2".

After the huge success of the NES Classic and a raft of rumours that a follow-up SNES version was set to be released, Nintendo have finally, officially confirmed its plans to release the SNES Classic mini console, ensuring they get another best-selling novelty release in September.

Unfortunately, as with the NES Classic Mini, actually getting your hands on one could prove somewhat hard, although Nintendo has confirmed that it will produce "significantly more units" of the SNES Mini than its ultra-rare predecessor.

If Nintendo continues the business of releasing these classic consoles, and trust me they will because of how successful they are, prepare to see them have smaller libraries. Which region do you think is getting the best product?

With "sold out" signs already popping up on SNES Mini listings at major online retailers, Nintendo is hoping to ease any worries that history will repeat the short term.

Further to this, you can plug your SNES Classic Mini into your TV if it has a USB port. However, by the time Star Fox 2 was ready to be released, other consoles, namely the PlayStation and Sega Saturn, had upped the game in terms of 3D graphics. Following the NES Classic's cancellation, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime told IGN the company shipped 2.3 million NES Classic Edition units worldwide.

They come at a cost, though: Castlevania IV, Punch-Out!, and Kirby's Dream Course bite the dust.

  • Joe Gonzales