President Trump Admits: 'I Am Being Investigated for Firing the FBI Director'

The President's tweet sparked immediate speculation about the future of the official, Rod Rosenstein, who wrote a memo recommending Comey be ousted and also later approved the appointment of a special counsel - Robert Mueller - to lead the Russian Federation probe.

There has been no indication that Mueller told Trump to fire Comey. He said the president "sought my advice and input" on Comey's firing.

It was unclear what prompted the warning, but the Trump administration has continuously hammered the media and political insiders over intelligence leaks.

Yet Trump's angry tweets on Friday underscored the near-impossible challenge his advisers and legal team have in trying to get him to avoid weighing in on an active probe.

The latest White House crisis struck on the evening of Trump's 71st birthday, after a day in which he had won plaudits for his handling of the shooting of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise. "Witch Hunt", the president wrote on Twitter.

The widened Russian Federation probe could have far-reaching repercussions for Trump s presidency, transforming his closest aides into witnesses and sucking yet more political oxygen out of the West Wing.

Mueller met Wednesday with the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee in an effort to ensure their investigations don't conflict. Grassley's office said the letter is in response to a recent letter from Feinstein requesting that the committee seek details from senior Federal Bureau of Investigation leadership about Comey's interactions with President Donald Trump before he was sacked. The questions included whether he had confidence in Rosenstein, whether he plans to fire special counsel Robert Mueller and how he knows he's under investigation by the FBI.

The transition official spoke on condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to discuss post-election decisions publicly.

He reiterated tweets from Thursday morning about the investigation.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein warned against trusting anonymous sources late Thursday night, shortly before The Washington Post published a damaging story about White House adviser Jared Kushner that relied on unnamed USA officials as sources.

Vice President Mike Pence has also hired a private lawyer to represent his interests in the expanding probe.

"Americans should also exercise caution before accepting as true lies about firing of FBI Director & defamation of a war hero special counsel", he wrote.

As Attorney General, Jeff Sessions' job in the Trump administration is to protect Donald Trump, but with the news that the Attorney General may have perjured himself in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee, the problems are piling up quickly.

The special counsel appointed to investigate Russian influence in the 2016 presidential campaign is now examining whether President Donald Trump tried to obstruct justice, it has been reported.

  • Joey Payne