Shootout At Texas Car Dealership Leaves 3 Dead

A fugitive and two men hunting him killed each other in a violent shootout at a vehicle dealership in Texas.

Garcia and Bernal were licensed private investigators in Corpus Christi who'd been hired to bring in Hutchinson after a tip led fugitive recovery agents to suspect he was in Texas.

It's not clear if the investigators notified police before approaching Hutchinson.

Garcia and Bernal then drew their weapons and Hutchinson responded by drawing his own pistol, which he dropped, according to a statement from Kathy Lucas, spokeswoman for the city of Greenville.

Police say at least 20 shots were fired inside this vehicle dealership outside of Dallas, with employees and customers, including their children, running for cover.

The dealership owner, Rick Ford, said two of the men waited several hours for the third man to arrive. They later presented themselves to a receptionist and the general manager in the same way, Ford said. One of their bail investigators, Stew Peters, said Garcia was one of their go-to professionals. However, after a scuffle he was able to retrieve the gun and began firing. That's when all three men pulled out guns.

According to the City of Greenville, two men with F.N.G. In the video, the bounty hunters are seen holding Hutchinson at gunpoint; they wrestle with him for a moment before shots begin ringing out. Both Garcia and Bernal returned fire.

"Fidel Garcia was a very dedicated, committed professional in the field of bail investigations".

Alfaro, a licensed private investigator, told WFAA it is almost unheard of for a commissioned security officer to be involved in bond apprehensions, the term Texas uses commonly associated with fugitive recovery.

Officers from the Greenville Police Department, the Hunt County Sheriff's Office and Texas State Troopers are all investigating.

Only three types of people can serve a bond warrant: a peace officer, a commissioned security officer or a registered private investigator.

The main goal, he says, is to limit risk - not just for the bounty hunters but also for the fugitives and the public.

  • Archie Newman